Jeffrey Smith

Jeff Smith is a data engineer at Intent Media where he builds large-scale, machine learning systems to drive real-time advertising decisions for eCommerce sites. Before Intent Media, he was a part of more startups than he can count in San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong. He has worked on a wide range of data problems, such as speeding up biodefense, optimizing warehouse layouts, and predicting the stock market. Along the way, he has picked up degrees in computer science, biotechnology, and industrial engineering. During his last trip to grad school, at the University of Hong Kong, he led a research project to develop methods of managing uncertain data on HBase and Hadoop. If he’s not writing software, he’s usually writing about software on the Data Engineering collection on Medium or on the Intent Media tech blog, both of which he organizes. When he’s not obsessing over data architectures, he’s usually drawing comics about his dog.

How Jeff Smith built an agile culture at IBM

October 10, 2016

Since he was tapped as IBM’s CIO in 2014, Jeff Smith has been playing a second key role: transforming IBM’s software development culture to one that mirrors the Agile approach that characterizes today’s Silicon Valley startups.