Kristi Woolsey

Kristine Woolsey is the practice lead for creative environments at MAYA, a design and technology innovation consultancy. Kristi is well known as a behavioral strategist with years of speaking and research on the impact that the physical environment has on human behavior. She joined MAYA design in 2015 in order to build a practice that looks at the workplace environment holistically—examining the physical, digital, and cultural aspects together. Kristi began as an academic at ASU, SciARCH, USCD, and others but left academia to found Woolsey Studio, which by 2000 was the largest West Coast women-led architecture firm. She then combined her interest in business, organizational psychology, and physical place to move into management consulting, eventually joining a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that specialized in guiding federal agencies through culture change.


Designing culture

August 30, 2016

This report examines how your organization can use behavioral science to design a workplace culture that supports creativity, collaboration, and innovation among your employees.