Michael James

Michael James is Founder and Chief Architect in Advanced Technologies: Mathematics, Algorithms and Software at Cerebras Systems and a pioneer in geometrically mapped algorithms. Cerebras is a computer hardware company developing deep technologies to scale and accelerate machine learning by orders of magnitude for AI applications. Previously, Michael was a Fellow at Advanced Micro Devices. Under his leadership, the team designed first-of-its-kind technology based on a self-healing fabric interconnect to allow reliable operation of large computer clusters. Michael joined AMD via the acquisition of SeaMicro Systems, where he was the Chief Architect specializing in real-time workload placement and routing algorithms. Michael’s experience includes the fields of computer-automated language translation; algorithms for gesture recognition; compilers; operating systems and micro-controller design. Outside Cerebras, Michael provides advice and talks to established Silicon Valley companies on a diverse range of AI topics. Michael’s passion for AI comes from his root in academia: He received bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley in the domains of Mathematics, Computer Science and Neurobiology.