Sean Leach

Sean is Vice President, Product Strategy for VeriSign. He focuses on the enterprise and service provider markets including the DNS, DDOS mitigation and managed security/iDefense verticals. Sean is responsible for product and technical architecture and strategy. He has previously served as CTO of (a top 20 domain registrar and hosting company), senior technologist at Neustar, and Director of Engineering at UltraDNS. Prior to that he ran engineering and operations at several ISP and hosting providers. He is a sought after subject matter expert in DDOS, DNS and cyber security, and has participated in the last two DHS sponsored Cyberstorm (cyber warfare simulation) events.


Web application and API security trends and threats

January 26, 2016

Sean Leach from Fastly examines traffic replays of a web attack, what the attacker was targeting, and the technologies that were used to block the attack in this video from Software Architecture 2015.