Shingai Manjengwa

Shingai Manjengwa is the chief executive officer at Fireside Analytics Inc., a Canadian ed-tech startup that offers customized cloud-hosted data science training and consulting services to corporations, governments, and educational institutions. Fireside Analytics’s data science courses have over 300,000 registered learners on platforms like IBM’s and Coursera. An IBM Influencer, author, and NYU Stern alumni, Shingai is also the founder of Fireside Analytics Academy, a registered private high school that teaches high school students to solve problems with data. The IDC4U, High School Data Science program—inspected by the Ministry of Education in Canada—uses real-life youth-focused case studies to combine statistics, mathematics, business, and computer programming: the pillars of data science. The program is completely online; international students are welcome. The curriculum is also offered in three private high schools in Ontario, Canada.