Tobias Ternstrom

As the product management leader for open source databases and database migrations in Microsoft Azure, Tobias Ternstrom is responsible for supporting Microsoft’s customers betting on open source databases for their business. His team builds Azure database services for MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL as well as the Azure Database Migration Service. Prior to leading the open source database efforts, Ternstrom kicked off and ran product management for bringing Microsoft SQL Server to Linux. Since joining the company in 2008, he has made critical contributions to the Microsoft database business focused on the SQL Server database engine as well as the database service Azure SQL Database, based on SQL Server. Ternstrom also kicked off product management at MemSQL Corporation in San Francisco. Before moving to the United States he lived in Sweden where he started and ran a few start-ups covering software development consulting services for enterprises, SaaS service for personality testing and personnel development, as well as Point-of-Sales systems. Today he lives in Redmond with his wife and two children.