Python for Scientists

A Curated Collection of Chapters from the O'Reilly Data and Programming Libraries

Python for Scientists

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More and more, scientists are seeing tech seep into their work. From data collection to team management, various tools exist to make your lives easier. But, where to start? Python is growing in popularity in scientific circles, due to its simple syntax and seemingly endless libraries. This free ebook gets you started on the path to a more streamlined process. With a collection of chapters from our top scientific books, you'll learn about the various options that await you as you strengthen your computational thinking.

This free ebook includes chapters from:

  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Effective Computation in Physics
  • Bioinformatics Data Skills
  • Python Data Science Handbook

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Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly, Roy Fielding, David Flanagan, Jim Gettys, Shishir Gundavaram, Donna Hoffman, Phillip Hoschka, Hakon Lie, Chris Lilley, Paul Lomax, Chuck Musciano, Jakob Nielsen, Mike Paciello, Ron Petrusha, Dave Raggett, Lincoln Stein, Guido van Rossum, Norman Walsh, and Clinton Wong