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Michael has nearly 30 years experience in the software industry. He has been working with Microsoft technologies for more than 10 years and with ASP.NET since the alpha release of 1.0. He has been the system architect and led the development of applications for Lexis-Nexis, Plow & Hearth, ReturnBuy, and many others. Michael has a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification and is currently a senior consultant at Dominion Digital, Inc. (www.dominiondigital.com), a firm that specializes in helping companies envision and achieve maximum business value from investments in technology.



“For those transitioning from ASP.NET 1.x this is a fantastic introduction to learning how things should be done with 2.0. The book is well-written, concise, and easy to absorb the concepts it presents.I've always loved the "Cookbook" format, which is to present a list of tasks 100 or so tasks that you might want to accomplish, and then give detailed instructions on how to accomplish each one.”
— Rob Walling, Amazon.com