Tom Muck

Tom Muck is coauthor of six Macromedia-related books including O'Reilly's Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide, and the bestseller, Dreamweaver UltraDev 4: The Complete Reference. He is an extensibility expert focused on the integration of Macromedia products with ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, and other languages, applications, and technologies and is a founding member of Community MX ( When not in front of the computer, Tom works on his Hong Kong movie collection. Once an aspiring heavy-metal musician, Tom is now content in his old age to sit on the porch playing the blues on his harmonica and banging out Robert Johnson songs on his beat-up acoustic guitar.

Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide
by Tom Muck
September 2003
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $31.99