John I. Moore, Jr.

Dr. John I. Moore, Jr., Principal Consultant for SoftMoore Consulting, has a wide range of computing experience in both industry and academia, with specific expertise in the areas of object-oriented technology, software engineering, and applied mathematics.

For the last twenty years he has designed and developed software in both Unix and Microsoft environments using relational databases and several high-order languages including Java, C++, C, Ada, Visual Basic, and Pascal. In addition, he has developed and taught numerous academic courses and industrial seminars on advanced software topics, training thousands of software professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Prior to founding SoftMoore, John served as Principal Software Engineer for a large corporation in the defense industry. He also taught part time in the graduate computer science program of Johns Hopkins University for ten years.

Earlier in his career John served as an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and Director of the Computer Science Laboratory at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.