Michael Swaine

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Michael Swaine has been writing about computers and technology for over twenty years. O'Reilly regulars may recall his Swaine's Frames column for WebReview. He is the co-author of the entry on the computer in the online edition of Encyclopedia Britannica. His seminal history of the personal computer, Fire in the Valley, co-authored with Paul Freiberger, was the primary source for the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. His five different monthly columns for MacUser magazine and Dr. Dobb's Journal over a fourteen-year span covered topics from hacking HyperCard to tweaking Steve Jobs. He has been the editor-at-large (a position he created) for Dr. Dobb's since 1987 after four years as editor-in-chief. Prior to that he was a senior editor at InfoWorld and before that he was a professional programmer. He still writes programs, but no longer calls himself a professional. Since 1999 he has been doing his writing in southern Oregon, where he and his partner own a gourmet restaurant and organic farm. Mike holds degrees in psychology and computer science from Indiana University. Email Mike at mike@swaine.com, visit Swaine's World, or or subscribe to his rss feed at http://www.swaine.com/swaine.rss.