Ken Coar

Ken Coar is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, the body that oversees Apache development. He is the author of Apache Server for Dummies (January 1998) and co-author of Apache Server Unleashed (March 2000). Ken has been responsible for fielding email sent to the Apache project, and his experience with that mailing list provided a foundation for this book.

Apache Cookbook Apache Cookbook
by Rich Bowen, Ken Coar
Second Edition December 2007
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

Apache Cookbook Apache Cookbook
by Ken Coar, Rich Bowen
November 2003
Ebook: $23.99

"...this book is packed full of useful solutions to some of the more common and some of the more obscure problems that you may encounter when working with Apache."
--Andy Hudson, Linux Format

"If you often find yourself working with the Apache web server, O’Reilly’s Apache Cookbook is a must-have reference...This is a highly recommended book that I’ll no doubt find myself referencing time and time again."
--Kevin Zolkiewicz,

"The book will surely be of great interest to Apache administrators of different levels of expertise. It covers quite a long list of topics and the solutions are often unique. Some will argue that Google search can replace this type of a book, but this is not the case. Apache Cookbook is a centralized publication that provides a number of answers I didn't come across online and besides this, some of the recipes will definitely give you further ideas on things to do with your Apache web server."
--Mirko Zorz, Help Net Security