Joe Grand

Joe Grand is the President and CEO of Grand Idea Studio, Inc., a product design and development firm that brings unique inventions to market. An electrical engineer, many of Joe's creations, including consumer devices, medical products, video games and toys, are sold worldwide. A recognized name in computer security and former member of the legendary hacker think-tank, The L0pht, Joe's pioneering research on product design and analysis, mobile devices, and digital forensics is published in various industry journals. He is a co-author of Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition (Syngress Publishing, ISBN 1-928994-70-9) and Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box (Syngress Publishing 1-931836-87-6). Joe has testified before the United States Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on the state of government and homeland computer security. He has presented his work at the United States Naval Post Graduate School Center for INFOSEC Studies and Research, the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the USENIX Security Symposium, and the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Joe is a sought after personality who has spoken at numerous universities and industry forums.