Jayson Falkner

Jayson is a J2EE developer from the US. He started developing with J2EE just before JSP 1.1 and Servlets 2.2 was released and has been focusing on the technologies since. Jayson is best known as the Webmaster of JSP Insider, http:// www.jspinsider.com, and the Webmaster of the book support site for "Servlets and JavaServer Pages; the J2EE Web Tier", http://www.jspbook.com. Jayson has worked on numerous JSP titles and is constantly present at the popular Java conferences. Jayson participated on the JSR 152 expert group, JSP 2.0, and helped with the Tomcat 5 reference implementation. Jayson prefers to think of himself as a tax-dodging student, who is currently working on a PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan; however, he also works professionally as a J2EE consult with Amberjack Software LLC. Open-source software and free Java development are Jayson's specialties.