Eric Faulkner

Eric's Love affair with technology began as a child with his first electronics project kits from Radio Shack. In his early teens, a friend's Texas Instruments TI99/4A introduced him to computers and programming, thus sealing his fate to be a lifelong geek. Professionally, Eric's experience is diverse. He worked for a voice messaging pioneer in the 80s, and spent three years in the Army working with nerve agents. He designed fully automated manufacturing facilities for the precast concrete industry. Then he went to college. These days Eric makes a living as a technology consultant and systems engineer. He also finds time for writing, teaching, and editing. He lives in Massachusetts.

Home Hacking Projects for Geeks Home Hacking Projects for Geeks
by Eric Faulkner, Tony Northrup
December 2004
Print: $29.95
Ebook: $23.99