Mark Frauenfelder


Mark Frauenfelder is a writer and illustrator living in Los Angeles, and the editor of MAKE. He is the cofounder of the popular Boing Boing weblog and was an editor at Wired from 1993-1998.


The Best of Make: October 2007
MAKE March 2005


“It's a blend of book and magazine perfect for any general lending library!”
— Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch: Reviewer's Choice, November 2011, Volume 6, Number 11
“For those looking for new ways to channel their creativity, or who simply would like to look into a world where people can, Make: technology on your time is a fun, maybe even productive, read.”
— Miss Bob Etier,
“ invaluable treasure trove.”
— James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch: The Science Shelf
“I would like to see every high school science and shop departments have subscriptions. ”
— Sharon Campbell, Pausing at the Trumpet Vine
“This issue seemed more geared toward those who are comfortable with high-end making, fabrication, soldering, and programming than usual, but despite much of it being beyond my ability, MAKE's writers and editors, as usual, make it feel fun and nearly within reach of anyone.”
— Jonathon Howard, San Francisco Book Review
“The persistent reader, prepared to step out of their comfort zone, will learn much from Make: Volume 20.”
— Jonathon Howard, Sacramento Book Review
“The writing is articulate, enjoyable, and clear. The pictures are helpful and lettered to go with the written instructions. This magazine provides sections that are great for kids (the Trouvé piece is written from his perspective), sections that are great for those who are experienced with technology (including a place where they set up a problem and you have to think of the solution), and sections that are great for people who are just curious about different technologies (including books, websites, and short quotes that may be of interest). ”
— Kayli Crosby, Sacramento Book Review
“...when you get an issue like this that has a number of projects that pique your interest, it's like a treasure trove of fun and learning. This was probably one of my favorite issues... ”
— Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings
“If you haven't gotten around to subscribing to the magazine, this collection is a great way to get last year’s issues. And, not only give yourself hours of entertainment with fun and odd projects, but also a reason to subscribe to the magazine itself.”
— Heidi Komlofske, Sacramento Book Review
MAKE 15 will fill your world with sweet sounds made by you, even if you've never learned to play an instrument. ”
— Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia
“Hobbyists and gadgeteers will marvel at this compendium of 75 of the most incredible do-it-yourself projects taken from the pages of MAKE magazine. The full-color book is chock full of clear photos and illustrations keyed to concise step-by-step instructions.”
— Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report
“This is an unexpectedly transformative book — and the only one I can name that offers practical advice on how to create a board game.”
— John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript
“If you're at all into off-beat hacks, strange contraptions, and unusual conversation pieces, you'll find plenty to consider in The Best of MAKE. If you're already adept with electronics and soldering irons, there's not much in there that you won't be able to do. And if this is your first foray into that world, you can afford to make plenty of mistakes, as most of the projects use cast-off items you can find in your local junk yard or thrift shop. Either way, you'll have fun and learn a few things in the process. ”
— Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings