Stephen B. Morris

Stephen Morris is an independent writer/consultant based in Ireland. Widely experienced in enterprise development and networking applications, Stephen has worked for some of the world's biggest networking companies. Projects include: JEE/J2SE-based network management systems, billing applications, financial systems, porting/developing SNMP entities, network device technologies, and several mobile computing applications. He holds a master's degree in computer science and holds three patents in the area of network management. In 2003, Stephen wrote his first book, Network Management, MIBs and MPLS: Principles, Design and Implementation (Prentice Hall). Stephen's second book followed in 2007, entitled: Moving Your Career Up the Value Chain: Building Specialized Development Skills in a Global Economy (InformIT). He has also written numerous articles and tutorials on network management and other topics for Informit, IBM developerWorks and O'Reilly ( and