Dave Killion

Dave Killion (CISSP) is a senior security research engineer with Juniper Networks, Inc. Formerly with the U.S. Army's Information Operations Task Force as an Information Warfare Specialist, he currently researches, develops, and releases signatures for the NetScreen Deep Inspection and Intrusion Detection and Prevention platforms. Dave has also presented at several security conventions including DefCon and ToorCon, with a proof-of-concept network monitoring evasion device in affiliation with several local security interest groups that he helped form. Dave lives south of Silicon Valley with his wife Dawn and two children, Rebecca and Justin.

Security Power Tools Security Power Tools
by Bryan Burns, Jennifer Stisa Granick, Steve Manzuik, Paul Guersch, Dave Killion, Nicolas Beauchesne, Eric Moret, Julien Sobrier, Michael Lynn, Eric Markham, Chris Iezzoni, Philippe Biondi
August 2007
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

"Brian Burn's Security Power Tools is a top pick for collections catering to network administrators and programmers concerned with security issues."
--James Cox, The Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"Security Power Tools is chock-full of relevant content that is also accessible and straightforward...Security Power Tools is almost guaranteed to offer any intermediate- and advanced-level professional information and tools to fill in knowledge and memory gaps."
--Bruce Gain, Processor: Products, News & Information Data Centers Can Trust

"I'd love to use this book in my system administrator training courses – it's a beautiful example of how to do problem analysis and counter-intelligence. I guess having the book describe these techniques in detail for the hostiles may be the price I have to pay to get the awareness and (hopefully) the motivation for the admin community to close the holes and do responsible system management."
--David Boyes, Computers and Publishing, Inc

"Here in a single volume is a veritable think-tank of state-of-the-art security techniques addressing the needs of the most popular computer platforms: Linux, Mac, Unix, and Windows. It is a real eye-opener to the vulnerabilities of computer networks and is therefore a must-have book for network administrators."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing