Ryan Faas

Ryan Faas

Ryan was the Macintosh Hardware contributing editor for About.com from 1997 through 2001 and has worked as a freelance technology journalist in the years since (most recently providing Mac OS X Server features for InformIT). Since 2003, he has written a monthly column for Computerworld.com focusing on Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, and cross-platform networking technologies. A complete list of his recently published material can be found online at http://ryanfaas.com.

In addition to a career as a freelance writer, Ryan has worked as an information technology professional in both K-12 and higher education and as a network administrator in the human services field. Ryan regularly accepts short term network consulting and training jobs throughout the northeast.

As a consultant, he has worked with a number of businesses, schools, and individuals to provide technology training, custom documentation services, infrastructure analysis and upgrades/installations. Typically, Ryan takes on projects in either all Mac or cross platform environments and specialized in developing cross-platform network strategies for clients. He has worked with small businesses and with major media companies, but mostly with institutions that provide education or design services.

In addition to being the coauthor of “Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration” (O’Reilly and Associates – May, 2005), Ryan was author of “Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Repairing Macs” (Osborne/McGraw-Hill – November, 2000).

Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration
by Michael Bartosh, Ryan Faas
May 2005
Print: $49.95
Ebook: $39.99