Eric T. Peterson

Eric T. Peterson has been working in web analytics since 1998 in both a technical and a marketing capacity. Currently, he is an analyst at JupiterResearch, a well-respected analyst firm focusing exclusively on the internet, covering analytics, search, content management systems, and related application technology. In his tenure at JupiterResearch, he has been quoted in a number of well-respected publications, including InternetRetailer, InfoWorld, The Deal, Ecommerce Guide, Datamation, MediaDaily News, and Clickz. He regularly give webinars on a number of site operations subjects including web analytics, key performance indicators, search, usability and content management.

Eric is the author of Web Site Measurement Hacks: Tips & Tools to Help Optimize Your Online Business.

Web Site Measurement Hacks Web Site Measurement Hacks
by Eric T. Peterson
August 2005
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.99