Tim Shelbourne

Tim Shelbourne

Photoshop and digital imaging author.

Tim Shelbourne worked for 20 years as a traditional artist and illustrator before converting to digital image making. Tim specializes in digital fine art and photo-manipulation using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter. His tutorials are published regularly in many UK digital photography and Photoshop magazines. Tim's website www.timshelbourne.com is currently being redesigned and he will be launching a huge range of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and Painter video tutorials very soon.

Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook
by Tim Shelbourne
December 2007
Print: $29.99

Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook
by Tim Shelbourne
November 2005
Print: $29.95

"...a super way to learn both special effects and how to use Adoble Photoshop. It is also a treasure of new ideas for even the most seasoned Photoshop user."
--Paul W. Faust, Double Exposure

"Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook took me to Photoshop places I had never ventured to before...I recommend this book to anyone ready to explore the intricacies of manipulating a digital image into your own fantastic creation."
--Iris Yoffa, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society

"In Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook Shelbourne shows how to go beyond tonal adjustments and color corrections by providing aspiring digital artists everything they need to start with almost any image source and end up with stunning works of art reminiscent of the finest portraits, landscapes, silkscreen paintings, Japanese woodcut prints, Pop Art comic strips, and much, much more. Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook is filled with 53 easy-to-follow recipes using Photoshop CS3 so the reader can cook up amazing results quickly and easily."
--Stan Ashbrook, PSA Journal

"Finally a book that deserves a permanent place on my bookshelf, and I believe it will still be useful many years from now when we are using Photoshop CS10. Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook has me interested in checking out the rest of the cookbook series from O’Reilly."
--Mike Gondek, CreativeCOW.net

"Photo Effects Cookbook recipes are fairly easy to follow if you've ever used Photoshop (even if you're a beginner), and the book will soon have you using these special effects on your photos with skill and ease."
--Jill Arnold, Baton Rouge Advocate

"I’ve seen several books on Photoshop effects over the years...but Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook by Tim Shelbourne ranks right up there among the best. What I like about it is its grounding in old-school techniques such as painting and film photography, knowledge of various scientific and historical facts that help the lessons achieve true realism, and a mastery of Photoshop tricks that are unexpected but very effective."
--Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"The book is very well organized into a "cookbook" style compendium that offers 53 different recipes for turning ordinary photos into very fun and creative images. Shelbourne presents a wide range of interesting visual tricks like creating woodcut effects, turning portraits into caricatures, simulating rain, simulating candlelight, adding water droplets (really fun!), adding rays of light to interiors and landscapes and even adding rainbows to your landscape photos. If you're ever bored with your images, this book will send you off onto a blissful journey of imagination."
--Jeff Wignall, Joy of Digital Photography

"This most excellent book is a real bonus for those times when inspiration runs short or you need to pin down a particular effect. More importantly, this book is organized into different areas, each covering a particular genre of Photoshop recipes."
--John Vacca, Amazon.com

"If you want a real cook book to throw together photographic effects then Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook will get you up to speed in no time."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"Packed with hundreds of full-color images, step-by-step instructions, and many practical tips, this book — and Adobe Photoshop CS3 — are all you need to create professional graphic art effects from almost any image source."
--Jennifer Apple, PhotoshopSupport.com

"As you all know, I am not a very technical person. But, I took a Photoshop course at my local technical school. There is SO MUCH to know about this program that in a nine week course, we didn't cover even a quarter of all the benefits of the software. This is where Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook by Tim Shelbourne comes in. The profusely illustrated tome includes easy to comprehend instructions on filters, special effects, blurs, and everything you need to make your photography shine. I keep it near my computer to help guide me through the more sophisticated nuances of the program. If you love digital photography, this book is for you!"
--Mark Snyder, PMP Network

"Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook is a wonderful book loaded with fun, easy to do and useful photo effects...To help those that are new or fairly new to Photoshop the first chapter covers the basics like making selections, working with layers, paths and the like. So if you are new you will get to learn about some of the real meat and potato features of Adobe Photoshop and learn how to create fun and useful effects to boot...This is a wonderful book and one that every Photoshop CS3 user should have, no matter their skill level. It is easy to use, the effects are very nice and authentic looking and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. A real treasure trove of useful effects."
--Robert Barnett, PC Review Online

"After having reviewed many books, this is absolutely one of the best on Photoshop ever. Finally a book that deserves a permanent place on my bookshelf, and I believe it will still be useful many years from now when we are using Photoshop CS10. Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook has me interested in checking out the rest of the cookbook series from O’Reilly."
--Mike Gondek, The Creative Cow

"At $29.99 the Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Book is a book that you may as well have in your Photo Library as not only will it give some life to otherwise dull images, but it also unearths a whole range of features that you probably aren’t using in Photoshop. "
--Chris Marshall

"Photoshop is a complex beast, and figuring out how to achieve a particular effect can be almost impossible. Tim Shelbourne's Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook shows exactly how to accomplish 53 common image effects, from the experienced mind of an artist."
--Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly

"Photoshop is the digital artist and photographer's premier choice for editing and manipulating digital photos. And with the mounting interest in digital photography, the demand for practical guidance, expert techniques, tips and solutions — recipes for success if you will — continues to grow. It's exactly all of this and more that O'Reilly delivers in its beautifully designed and visually stunning new series, the "Photoshop Digital Studio Cookbooks.""
--Jennifer Apple, PhotoshopSupport.com