Barry Huggins

Barry Huggins' design work and digital imagery has been used by clients throughout Europe, the USA, and the Far East. In recent years the demand for intensive professional training led Barry to form his own multimedia training and consultancy company, The success of his techniques in one-to-one and group training courses have resulted in offers to deliver his ideas and methodology to a wider audience. This is his fifth book on digital imaging and graphics software.

Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers
by Barry Huggins
August 2005
Print: $29.95

"This is one of those books that has multiple functions. Not only does it become a reference book but, if you're like me, as you read many of the sections you will find yourself inspired to try what you learned on your own photos....Overall this book is packed with practical how to steps and will help you fix, change or create an image from all of your photos."
--Joseph Iagnemmo, Austin Adobe User Group (AAUG)

"Barry Huggin’s book covers Photoshop CS2 and it is an excellent book in many ways. I especially recommend it for photomanipulators who wonder what CS2 can do for them that Photoshop Elements 3 or 4 can’t do. I’m not talking about all the things that happen when a professional ships his photo-file to a publisher, I am only concerned about getting some photos fixed, upgraded, or created and delivered to your kids, friends, and neighbors. This book changed the way I think about Photoshop and the way I work with photos."
--James Hodges, Silicon Valley Computer Society

"In Photoshop Photo Retouching Cookbook, Barry Huggins will, in step-by-step instructions, show you how to perform all these techniques and many more. In fact, there are 113 recipes for adjusting, correcting, retouching, and manipulating your photographs...While Photoshop Photo Retouching Cookbook will work for anyone wanting to roll up their sleeves and take advantage of learning new techniques, it will be especially helpful to those that work with Photoshop and want to have at hand a quick reference book of retouching techniques."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"Photoshop is the digital artist and photographer's premier choice for editing and manipulating digital photos. And with the mounting interest in digital photography, the demand for practical guidance, expert techniques, tips and solutions — recipes for success if you will — continues to grow. It's exactly all of this and more that O'Reilly delivers in its beautifully designed and visually stunning new series, the "Photoshop Digital Studio Cookbooks.""
--Jennifer Apple,

"This book provides excellent guidance for digital photographers with beginner-to-intermediate-level Photoshop skills...Overall, The Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers provides a useful introduction to retouching techniques and makes a handy reference tool to keep on your bookshelf."
--Kimberley Bermender, American Society of Media Photographers: Northern California