Chris Brown, PhD

Chris Brown, PhD

Dr. Chris Brown has been using UNIX for more than 25 years, initially in his role as a Research Fellow at Sheffield University in the UK, where he carried out research into the use of tightly coupled multiprocessor systems for real-time processing of machine vision data. He has been a Linux enthusiast, user, and advocate for the last seven years and holds RedHat RHCE and Novell CLP certifications, in addition to B.A. and M.A. degrees from Cambridge University and a PhD in particle physics, which he hopes won't put you off reading his book.

Chris has authored a number of hands-on training courses on Linux TCP/IP networking, systems programming, and administration. Working for a while in the USA, he managed the development of a Linux training curriculum for the training company Learning Tree International. Chris now works mostly as a freelance trainer and writer and has delivered training throughout North America and Europe for companies including Learning Tree, IBM Learning Services, and First Technology Transfer. Chris has been heavily involved in providing technical training within Novell. He wrote two five-day courses on SuSE Linux, which he delivered to Novell's consultants and IT support staff within Europe. He was also invited to deliver internal training sessions at Novell's Brainshare conference in 2004. Subsequently, Chris has been working with Novell throughout Europe to provide training to staff on Novell Linux Desktop in support of Novell's internal migration to Linux.

His own company, Interactive Digital Learning, provides training content and consultancy, and also specializes in computer-based classroom training delivery systems.

In his spare time Chris enjoys Bach, Jake Thackray, Flanders and Swan, gardening, reading, eating, and sleeping.

SUSE Linux SUSE Linux
by Chris Brown, PhD
July 2006
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

"This book is an excellent choice for any Linux "newbie" no matter what distribution, but it provides excellent specific coverage of Novell's openSUSE distribution. Chris Brown's writing style is an almost perfect blend of humor and down-to-business, real world information. Aimed primarilly at Windows users, SUSE LINUX eases the transition and will get you quickly up to speed with most common PC tasks, from installation and configuration to printing, wired and wireless networking, email, audio and video tasks, graphic manipulation, and customizing your environment. "
--Dave Klein, Capital Java User Group

"SUSE Linux provides enough hands-on guidance to not only get started with SUSE but even configure your desktop to own your satisfaction, plus locate download and initialize any needed applications. And those applications are by-and-large free!"
--Bill Allen, Orange Bytes (North Orange County Computer Club)

"Have you been itching to try Suse Linux but didn't know how to get started? Okay, I confess - I know I have. I tried installing Suse once several months ago, then chickened out of using it. Not sure why, but Suse looks a little more intimidating than Ubuntu, and it isn't. That's why Chris Brown's book is great, because it shows how easy it is to get going and up to speed with Suse."
--Raoul Pop,

"Let’s face it, we Linux newbies want to try Suse, but are too afraid to let go of Windows or Mac OS X. But that’s okay, this book makes it easy as pie to run both Linux and your other OS. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, the water’s fine!"
--Raoul Pop, Come Across