Christopher Ngan

Chris Ngan is a co-founder of Aeria LLC, a startup focused on commercializing a new patent-pending, highly survivable wireless mesh algorithm. Working in conjunction with co-founder John Yau over the past 4 years, Chris initially helped to design the new mesh algorithm from scratch in order to avoid the problems in traditional mesh technologies. Much of his recent work has focused on kernel driver development to enable mesh support on a variety of existing wireless hardware.

With the realization of a stable platform allowing true peer-to-peer multi-hop network connectivity, Chris has spent time developing proof of concept applications to demonstrate the power of a stable network infrastructure and the ease with which text/chat, voice, and video applications can be location-aware enabled.

Before his work at Aeria, Chris worked for a NYC hedge fund, in a variety of roles including quantitative and fundamental analyst, helping to start a variety of portfolios. Chris now works outside New York City, in Jersey City, NJ. John and Chris maintain a blog,, in which they *try* to make regular updates.