Erik van Eykelen

Erik van Eykelen is a senior technology advisor for Voipster BV, a VoIP technology and service provider based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Before joining Voipster, Erik co-founded several companies, the last of which was BackStream, a content management and content distribution company which was sold in parts to CTP/Novell and Ordina, a stock-listed Dutch IT firm. Before becoming BackStream's CTO, Erik was a technical director at an Amsterdam-based internet software and design agency, which he co-founded in 1995. Prior to this firm, Erik was the technical lead and director of a company that created a precursor of Powerpoint. This software, called MediaPoint, was sold in 21 countries.

During his study Electrotechnical Engineering, Erik wrote a Skateboard game distributed by Electronic Arts in the US. Erik lives and works in The Netherlands and is currently a self-employed advisor to technology startups.