Anthony Massa

Anthony Massa is an entrepreneurial engineer with extensive experience in software development focusing on embedded systems. He has worked as an expert witness in the field of embedded systems. Anthony has designed and developed software for several different products in use today including satellite and cable modems, wireless radios, set-top boxes, and head-end transmission equipment. He has extensive experience with various networking protocols as well as developing proprietary protocols for wired and wireless systems.

Anthony is is also author of the book Embedded Software Development with eCos (Prentice Hall). He has also written several articles in leading software development magazines focusing on embedded software development.

Anthony is a senior embedded software consultant. He holds a dual B.S./B.A. degree in electrical engineering from the University of San Diego.

Programming Embedded Systems Programming Embedded Systems
by Michael Barr, Anthony Massa
Second Edition October 2006
Ebook: $39.99