Wayne S. Freeze


Wayne S. Freeze is head of software development for Electrical Controls, Inc. where he builds software 3D graphics applications using Visual Basic, SQL Server, and DirectX.



“From developing better queries and applying them to inserting, updating, and deleting data to managing text-based data and using arrays, this offers a wealth of high-level technical Access information perfect for managers who already have the basics down.”
— James Cox, California Bookwatch - Computer Shelf
“As with all of the O'Reilly Cookbooks, if you work with a product like Access, you should have something like Access Data Analysis Cookbook around. First, when you get the book you skim/read through it touching on things that perhaps you have never thought of to do. Then you keep it on your shelf because you will find yourself referring to it constantly when working with large amounts of data within Access.”
— T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine