Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz

Database and observability enthusiast

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Charlottesville, Virginia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Databases
  • monitoring
  • performance
  • observability
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • programming
  • NoSQL
  • speaking
Baron Schwartz is the founder and CEO of VividCortex, the best way to see what your production database servers are doing.

Anomaly Detection for Monitoring Anomaly Detection for Monitoring
by Preetam Jinka, Baron Schwartz
March 2016

High Performance MySQL High Performance MySQL
by Baron Schwartz, Vadim Tkachenko, Peter Zaitsev
Third Edition March 2012
Print: $64.99
Ebook: $55.99

High Performance MySQL High Performance MySQL
by Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko, Jeremy Zawodny, Arjen Lentz, Derek J. Balling
Second Edition June 2008

Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Performance Problems Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Performance Problems
by Baron Schwartz, Morgan Tocker
July 2010
Video: $135.00

Webcast: Diagnosing Intermittent MySQL Problems
May 04, 2012
In this webcast presentation Baron Schwartz, author of High Performance MySQL 3rd Edition, explains how to use a set of open-source tools he designed specifically for unattended problem detection.

"This is one of the best database technology books I've read, and the best one on MySQL...this book is really a tour de force for understanding MySQL database technology. Go get a copy!"
--Sean P. Hull,

"High Performance MySQL is yet another stellar book from O'Reilly. The book is co-written by ex-Yahoo! employee Jeremy Zawodny. With a popular site like Yahoo!, one of the crucial elements of their backend is making sure the performance of the site remains high. MySQL is notorious for not having well-documented literature on the issues of reliability, scalability and performance. This book teaches many strategies and techniques that allow your MySQL-powered application to perform much smoother."
--Glen Stansberry, NETTUTS

"This is a good book that is well worth the cost. While it is not a newbie book, there is plenty here for novice and expert alike. I can pretty much guarantee that if you work with, or want to work with, MySQL, you will get some value from it."
--Lewis Cunningham, MySQL Database News