Mike Chambers


Mike Chambers has spent the last 8 years building applications that target the Flash runtime. During that time, he has worked with numerous technologies including Flash, Generator, .NET, Central, Flex, and Ajax. He is currently the senior product manager for developer relations for Apollo.



“Packed with examples, this pocket (4.25x7 inches) guide provides a quick introduction to developing applications for Adobe AIR. ”
— Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News
“I found this book to deliver exactly, and so much more, of what it promised to do. Written in a clear and concise manner, I think that everyone with an interest in Apollo will definitely benefit. I particularly appreciated the various examples listed to help those who want to begin building RIAs for the desktop. This is the ideal reference for Apollo and I look forward to using it whenever I have specific questions in the future.”
— Alain B. Renaud, TCM Reviews