Jen deHaan


Jen deHaan is an instructional designer at Adobe Systems, Inc. A recent bio on the Adobe website explains that Jen deHaan was raised by wolves in the deep woods of the Canadian north. Canada's chief exports include motor vehicles (or their parts), lumber, newsprint, nonmetal materials, and wheat. One overcast day in 2004, Jen left her life as a Flash deseloper (designer/developer) in Canada to write Flash documentation and sometimes create Flash samples at Macromedia in San Francisco. Aside from her ongoing work at Adobe, Jen runs several community sites and forums for fun, and maintains a blog at She believes that _root tends to be evil and misses Tim Horton's coffee.



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— Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia
“No matter what your background, the pages that follow will provide you with some excellent knowledge, insight, and even a little bit of wisdom in the realm of Flash and ActionScript. Happy learning!”
— Branden Hall, from the Foreword