Derek DeVries

Derek DeVries has an education in fine arts and a strong background as a web application developer. As vice president of design for Maintainable Software, Derek leads design, branding, and user experience for the company. He is also a Zend Certified PHP Engineer with over five years experience leading PHP development teams at Xerox, Amici LLC, and several startup companies. Derek has worked on a number of Ruby on Rails products in his current position and in his spare time develops, a Rails application for finding the best new sports articles on the web.

Rails for PHP Developers Rails for PHP Developers (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Derek DeVries, Mike Naberezny
February 2008

"Although I don't think that one book ever tells the whole story, Rails for PHP Developers comes pretty close. "
--James Pyles, Linux Magazine, March 2009, Issue 100

"It demonstrates what Rails is good for, and it does it in a neutral way. It quickly brings any PHP programmer up to speed with one of the hottest technologies in existence today. I'd recommend this manual to any PHP developer who would like to quickly learn how to use Rails."
--Joe J., aka dOgBOi, Blogcritics Magazine