Davey Shafik

Davey Shafik is a full-time PHP developer with ten years' experience in PHP and related technologies. An avid magazine writer, book author, and speaker, Davey keeps his mind sharp by trying to tackle problems from a unique perspective from his home in Central Florida where he lives with five cats and more computers.

Upgrading to PHP 7 Upgrading to PHP 7
by Davey Shafik
November 2015

PHP Master PHP Master (SitePoint)
by Davey Shafik, Lorna Jane Mitchell, Matthew Turland
October 2011
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

"The authors build on this foundation database manipulation, advanced APIs, and testing on a course of study that could introduce the self-educated to topics for PHP masters."
--Armando Roggio, Ecommerce Developer

"The PHP Anthology is perfect for someone like me -- as well as professional programmers who look for code wherever they can find it to simplify their lives...Recommended for more experienced webmasters, as well as professional programmers."
--Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today

"Overall, this new edition of The PHP Anthology offers practical solutions to many common PHP problems, clear explanations of those solutions, and working code — in print and online — that can be quickly used as is or modified as needed. PHP developers should find this book an informative and valuable part of their technical library. "
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot.org