Marcelo Marques

Marcelo Marques is a graduate of FASP (Brazil) in business administration, with further degrees in business from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and in marketing from Trevisan. He currently provides IT-related services to a number of multi-national companies. In 2001, he developed a business plan and, with three partners, founded the company 4Linux. The company launched the innovative HackerTeen project, where Marcelo teaches entrepreneurship and marketing. He then assumed the presidency of LPI Brasil, created entertaining talks on open-source software and Linux, and wrote the comedy play "Mundo GNU/Linux" as well as the fantasy content of HackerTeen, part of which will be released as a book in 2008 by the publisher O'Reilly in the United States. Currently he serves as Director of Strategy and Marketing at 4Linux and HackerTeen.

Hackerteen Hackerteen
by Marcelo Marques
April 2008
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $15.99

"I'd highly recommend this book for teens who want to learn more about internet technologies and ways to protect themselves online. It's a fun read and I loved the drawings. I can't wait for volume 2! "
--Mike George,

"I think it was a very good idea to make something that kids will read that shows the good side of the word _Hacker_." (Miss Goebel)
"Two things I liked very much were that the hero, Yago, isn't perfect. He makes a bad choice and has to deal with the consequences. Also, in the end, the bad guys are defeated not through the heroic efforts of a single individual, but by people working together. (C. Garrett Goebel) "
--C. Garrett Goebel & 10 year old daughter,

"My favorite part was when the protagonist recommends a webcam to another character based on it having open source drivers. Not only is that how any of my nerdy friends would react, but I know what model real-life camera that's referencing!...Overall, I applaud the book's efforts for putting out a tech based action story that rivals hacker movies. I look forward to checking out future volumes in the series. "
--Arseny Lebedev,

"Pitched just right; educational but exploring issues of honesty, technology, morality and friendship with language that even a preteen will be cool with, building towards a climax that'll definitely have kids looking out for the sequel!"
--Imran Ali,

"I think Hackerteen can be a useful material for educators and advocates to be given to students. Instead of speaking in pure geek terms, a story can be told while educating the target audience using Hackerteen as a resource. In that light, this project has a lot of potential and may set as an example for others."
--Janette Toral, W3O - Women on the Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing

"Hackerteen Volume 1: Internet Blackout is an interesting new project, a graphic novel being published by O'Reilly. What makes it interesting is not just that this is a rather new direction for O'Reilly but that this is, to my knowledge, a rather unique publication in that it seeks to educate teenage youth about an array of issues ranging from privacy, free software, security and the impact of politics on personal freedom as it relates to the use of technology. Making topics like that exciting, and understandable to a young person may sound like a tall order, and I think it is."
--JR Peck,

"...projects like Hackerteen promote a healthy Internet culture while introducing modern concepts such as sustainable software and in doing so, help bridge IT and generation divides using the Internet as a common denominator. I think this is a great idea and look forward to the next episode."
--Darren Cooper, PHP UserGroup Frankfurt am Main

"HackerTeen is a brilliant concept because the comic is about the real program and its all too realistic fiction speaks to the need for the HackerTeen program...At its core, the HackerTeen story is built on the triad need and call for information literacy, for informed action in response to the existing political and social issues surrounding computing, and for self and community empowerment through technology. HackerTeen is a moral tale and a manifesto, and it's a great read."
--Laurie Taylor, Gameology

"In Hackerteen, I found a great book that I think will not only get the kids involved in reading, but also introduce them to some different aspects of technology and computing."
--Robert L. Stinnett,

"The graphics are excellent, the story is engaging, and there’s no talking down to the reader. They are assumed to be savvy and engaged in the Internet in ways that exceed their parents. One subplot of Volume 1 involves a teen who helps his clueless dad save the family business, a bakery. There are several plot lines woven through the 100 page book, which is bound like a paperback novel, not like a comic book. If you have adolescents or work with them in an educational setting, this book is a good resource. And the kids will enjoy it! Good for teens."
--Virginia DeBolt, WebTeacher

"I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in computers or knows a lot about them because that is what the story basically revolves around. For those who don't, the book supplies lots of little suggestions at the bottom of the pages to help teach people who would like to understand more about the technology used in the story."
--Marielle Riley, Dobb's Code Talk

"In Hackerteen, you won’t learn the step-by-step process for breaking in to your bank’s computer system, or how-to spy on your neighbors and friends. Instead, you will find clear descriptions of the perils of modern computing. Most importantly, you — and your teenaged children — will discover positive role models that show how cool it is to learn deeply, to make good choices, and to do the right thing"
--Epublishers Weekly, Tools and Ideas for Surviving (and Thriving) in Technopoly

"There is a clear moral message in the real world, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do that thing. To educate kids that that applies to computers too, and to do it in an entertaining and respectful manner, as Hackerteen does, is incredibly valuable."
--John Baichtal, Geekdad

"I wish that HackerTeen had been around when I was in middle school; this is exactly the kind of story and subject matter I would have devoured, and probably would have given me a better head start on my own computer career"
--Carrie Arnold, Computer Science Graduate Student

"I think Hackerteen does accomplish what it sets out to do... Educate young minds about hacker ethics in a way they'll understand and read."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings