Syuzi Pakhchyan

Syuzi Pakhchyan is an User Experience Designer, robotics instructor, writer, blogger and a seasoned tinkerer working and residing in Los Angeles, CA. Her work explores the intersection of culture and technology through the research, investigation and design of technological systems and interactions for a range of cultural contexts.

Definitely not camera-shy, Syuzi has made two guest appearance on Craft Lab, the DIY Network's new, hip crafting DIY Television series. Her television debut aired on January 1, 2007 and will be followed by another scheduled for July 2008.

Syuzi's projects have been exhibited at Eyebeam, an Art and Technology gallery in New York, the Fashion Future Event in Pisa, South by Southwest Festival, Maker Faire and Emerging Technologies Conference.

On weekends, she teaches a robotics class to children and occasionally holds workshops on crafting electronics. Monthly, she writes articles covering topics that range from fashion, technology and the latest must-have gadgets. And nightly, she researches and blogs about interactive, tech toys.

She received her BFA from UC Berkeley in Literature and her MFA in Media Design from the Art Center College of Design.

Her designs explore and encourage ludic activities that celebrate the quirky and speculative and reflect personal experiences and cultural narratives. Syuzi has the unique ability to make the complex simple, translate learning into entertainment, and use technology as a tool to inspire creativity.

Fashioning Technology Fashioning Technology
by Syuzi Pakhchyan
June 2008
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

"Syuzi Pakhchyan, who has written “Fashioning Technology,” a book about electronics for clothing, and whose Web site keeps track of wearable-computer fashions, says she thinks many hobbyists will be able to use Flora. Even those without technical or programming backgrounds, she says, could receive step-by-step help from other users in an online community."
--Anne Eisenberg, New York Times

"If you hanker after a softer implementation, and I don't mean programming, of hardware then this book is a lot of fun."
--Mike James, I Programmer

"Technically this book is well written and well laid out. The tutorials and project instructions are concise an informative. The information as presented can be understood by most people who know how to read and follow instructions."
--Beth Lock, MyMac Magazine

"Fashioning Technology gives neophyte DIYers the tools and skills they need to expand their tinkering capabilities, but it's also a lot of fun and very educational for people who've already got their feet wet. And for those of us who are competent with electronics but interested in expanding our crafting skills, the dual craft-tech projects are a great help."
--John Baichtal, GeekDad

"Bored with knitting? Weary of felting? Fashioning Technology will pull you out of your craft rut, as author Syuzi Pakhchyan shows step-by-step how to incorporate a tech flair to your projects. Armed with LEDs, phosphorescent ink, and polymorph plastic, among other "smart materials," you'll be making fun and funky accessories and toys in no time. Projects range from "Rock Star Headphones" to a "Luminescent Tea Table," combining the trendy handmade movement with a hip aesthetic...Fashioning Technology contains large, colorful pictures and a plethora of uncluttered diagrams. Pakhchyan breaks down transistors, resistors, diodes and capacitors, all in clear, easy-to-follow language...These primers were so straightforward, even yours truly is confident about sewing circuits (and I haven't even figured out how to use a sewing machine). The project instructions are equally simple and anticipate questions in a way most craft books don't. "
--Amy Geppert, Popular Science