Elbert Hannah

Unix and Linux evangelist

Areas of Expertise:

  • Shell
  • vi/vim
  • scripting
  • training
Elbert Hannah is a professional software engineer and software architect recently finishing a 21-year career in the telcom industry. He wrote a full screen editor in assembler in 1983 as his first professional assignment, and has had special interest in editors since. He loves connecting Unix to anything and once wrote a stream editor program to automate JCL edits for mainframe monthly configurations by streaming mainframe JCL to a stream editor on an RJE connected Unix box. He loves tinkering with everything Unix and considers any environment incomplete without his suite of Unix work-alike tools and the latest version of vim. He is a Unix Shell specialist, writing entire applications with only the shell. His telcom honored him with their highest award for money-saving applications that he authored using a set of mainframe screen-scraping tools he wrote himself. They continue to use those applications today. He was also one of three founding team members that brought web 1.0 to the corporate consciousness in his telco position, and his team featured on the cover of CIO Magazine for their innovative and pioneering works. He also served a brief stint on the original Microsoft NT beta support team in 1992. He loves bicycling, music, and reading. Today he lives in the Chicago area where he occasionally takes on short term projects and works on personal software products.

Learning the vi and Vim Editors Learning the vi and Vim Editors
by Arnold Robbins, Linda Lamb, Elbert Hannah
Seventh Edition July 2008
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $29.99

"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone just beginning to use vi or Vim and wanting to really hone their skills with these editors."
--Michael Dumont, Computer Science House

"In summary I think this is a fantastic book for anyone new to Vi/Vim but not so much for the more experienced Vi/Vim user... "
--Harry Tormey, BayPIGgies