Rebecca M. Riordan

Rebecca M. Riordan

With twenty years experience in the field, Rebecca M. Riordan has earned an international reputation for designing and implementing computer systems that are technically sound, reliable, and effectively meet her clients' needs. Her particular area of expertise is database design and she is a five year Access MVP. Rebecca has also authored several database books and served as a senior technical support engineer for Microsoft's database products. As a Microsoft employee in Australia, Rebecca was the Senior technical support engineer for Microsoft's database products.

Head First Ajax Head First Ajax
by Rebecca M. Riordan
August 2008
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $35.99

"Any web programmer seeking to learn Ajax will find Rebecca M. Riordan's Head First Ajax (9780596515782, $44.99) a user-friendly course in interactive web application programming and the many opportunities offered by Ajax."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Computer Shelf

"If you have gaps in your understanding of JavaScript and DOM, this book should help fill them in. "
--James Pyles, Linux Magazine, March 2009, Issue 100

"Head First Ajax is a complete learning experience for interactive web application programming. This fabulous book covers JavaScript, XHTML, asynchronous and synchronous requests, everything you need to know. "
--Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia

"A good book to start to get the whole Ajax "phenomenon" into your head, get it there fast and make it stick...The style of the book is very good with constant repetition of the key areas, facts and methodologies to get them to stick in your brain. Added to this different methods of presenting the same information are used which helps even more."
--Andy Scott, Edinburgh Perl Mongers