Peer Heinlein

Peer Heinlein has been operating an independent ISP in Berlin with his colleagues since 1992. He specializes in mail servers of various sizes and enjoys ambitious Linux projects. He shares his experience in books and trainings.

IMAP and POP3 IMAP and POP3 (No Starch)
by Peer Heinlein, Peer Hartleben
May 2008
Print: $49.95

"I've had the opportunity over the years to be a principle person doing the architecture and design of two fairly large-scale email systems, one using commercial products based on Cyrus for a large national ISP and one using purely open-source software and built around Courier-IMAP for a medium-to-large multinational corporation. I feel that this book has definitely helped me achieve a better and deeper understanding of these packages."
--Brad Knowles, ;LOGIN: VOL. 33, NO. 5

"IT pros and libraries catering to them need The Book of IMAP: a reference that offers detailed instructions to IMAP and POP3, the basics governing all modern mail servers and clients. The authors have set up hundreds of mail servers: their advice is invaluable and clear."
--Diane Donavan, Midwest Book Review

"To summarize, the book is a useful and thoroughly technical read for the mailserver administrator working on IMAP or related professionals wanting to know more about this opensource mailserver technology."
--Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"The Book of IMAP is a quality resource for any serious mail administrator. The approach taken is direct, but at the same time it's very expansive, setting this book apart from most others I have read."
--Ryan Masters, OS News