Laurel Ruma

Laurel Ruma

Strategic Content Director

Boston, Massachusetts

Laurel Ruma is a Strategic Content Director at O'Reilly Media. She's had many roles at O'Reilly, including Director of Talent and Acquisitions, Gov 2.0 Evangelist, editor, and chair for a number of conferences, such as Cultivate, Gov 2.0 Expo, Where 2.0, and OSCON Java. She is the co-editor of Open Government, O'Reilly Media, 2010.

Open Government Open Government
by Daniel Lathrop, Laurel Ruma
February 2010
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $19.99

Webcast: OSCON 2011: Take-aways, Trends, and Highlights
August 11, 2011
In this event wrap-up, OSCON co-chairs Edd Dumbill, Sarah Novotny, and Laurel Ruma will identify and discuss the trends and announcements that emerged from the event and how these will impact the tech world in the year to come.

" "
--Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, July 2010, Column 360

"A must-read for advocates, geeks, public sector thinkers and especially public officials and employees. An outstanding collection of essays and case studies that provide a substantial base for the open government debate."
--Sebastian Haselbeck, Intellitics

"Overall, this is a terrific set of essays and it deserves a place on your bookshelf if you care about transparency and Government 2.0 issues."
--Adam Thierer, The Technology Liberation Front

"I would love for a copy to end up in the hands of every member of the government as well as any interested person planning to run for an office."
--Matthew Helmke,