Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte

Business owner / author

Mountain View, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communications
  • story and presentations
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
CEO of Duarte Design since 1990, Nancy Duarte passionately pursues the presentation development and design niche. One of the largest design firms in Silicon Valley and listed as a top woman-owned business in the area, Duarte Design is one of the few agencies in the world focused solely on presentations, whether they are delivered in person, online or via mobile device. Nancy's twenty years of experience working with global companies and thought leaders has influenced the perception of some of the world's most valuable brands and many of humanity's common causes.

slide:ology slide:ology
by Nancy Duarte
August 2008
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99

Webcast: You are a Natural Born (Visual) Storyteller
September 17, 2008
We live in the most innovative time in history. That, coupled with pressure from a global economy, our corporate stories need to be told well and resonate deeply. In this session you'll learn how to step away from your traditional content development...

"If you are starting a new job or a new position where you will be expected to make presentations, you should consider spending some quality learning time with this book and keeping it handy."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"The is by far and away the best book I have ever read on visual design."
--Michael Hyatt,

"I recommend slide:ology for presenters – and potential presenters – ages eight to 80 (and up)."
--Beena White, The Bridge, Vol. 27, No. 5

"Good overview of Power Point design fundamentals, both from a design and content point-of-view, including real-world examples."
--Joseph Chabot, (Digital Media Artists Group)

"Once people saw this book on my desk, it swept through our office like wildfire. So many colleagues wanted to borrow I didn't see it for weeks at a time. Do yourself a favour and get your own copy."
--Miles Harrison,

"This book is a must read, must have, must master reference for anyone giving any presentation who hopes to connect to their audience, spread ideas to move people, and display information in the best possible way."
--Howard Levine MD, Director, Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center, Lecturer and PowerPoint and Keynote user, Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group

"The book is a delight...Keep this book handy so that each time you begin a presentation you can review all of Duarte's ideas and examples. "
--Beth Lisberg Najberg, Technical Communication, Volume 56, Number 2, May 2009

"Slide:ology presents visual communication tips that will help you create presentations the right way and move you beyond mediocre. "
--Charles Sutton, Evansville Courier & Press (

"Shell out for a copy of slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. It's bloomin' brilliant!!! It's less about PowerPoint, more about slides and visuals in general for presentations. It's not only a visual feast but chock-full of great ideas and very practical tips."
--Martin Schmalenbach,,uk

"As a presentation designer, I'm looking for inspiration, and it is great to see some of the high-caliber work that Nancy Duarte has produced for her various clients. I particularly liked all of the diagram options that are covered in Chapter 3: Creating Diagrams."
--Brent Dykes, PowerPoint Ninja

"No business library should be without Slide:ology, a guide to using presentation software for maximum effectiveness and eye-popping presentations."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - Reviewer's Choice

"The book is superb and immediately useful. It's not another how-to on PowerPoint, but rather a guide to "best practices" in the use of any presentation medium..."
--Dan Barnett,

"But, I give it four stars since it provides several excellent pieces of advice (well worth the cost of the book) and excellent illustrations of key aspects of graphic design for presentation and wowing audiences."
--Ira Laefsky,

"The book, on creating effective presentations, is meant for marketers but smart graphic designers, brand builders and visionary communicators will recognize the opportunity when they see it. Slide:ology matters because it addresses visual thinking, visual storytelling and communication using graphics."
--Communication Arts, January/February 2009

"The author, Nancy Duarte, owner of Duarte Designs (a Silicon Valley graphics firm), specializes in presentation development and design. During the 274 pages, she walks you through the creative process in fine detail. The book, beautifully illustrated, can be a modern college guide for presentation design. This approach is good. Unless you’ve graduated from college in the last four years, graphics has changed entirely and may invite a reintroduction."
--Robert Delwood, Dateline Houston

"If you ever need to give PowerPoint (Or Keynote) presentations, this book should be on your desk. Slide:ology, written by Nancy Duarte, is a well-designed and easily readable book that gives you an excellent overview on how to create great presentations."
--Gunnar Hillert, Gunnar Hillert's Blog

"...a valuable resource that most presenters and slide deck developers should read."
--Robert M. Slade, Internet Review Project

"Written by the President and CEO of Duarte Design, the firm that created the presentation for Al Gore's Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, this book intends to offer practical approaches for creating effective visual presentations. The book combines conceptual thinking and inspirational design with case studies from the world's leading brands. It explores different aspects such as connecting with specific audiences, turning ideas into informative graphics, and how to use sketching and diagramming techniques effectively."
--PhotoLife Magazine

"If Leonardo was living today, he'd be doing presentations using the concepts in Slide:ology and five hundred years from now, they would still revere his genius."
--Dan Mabbutt,

"This book will teach you more than you knew there was to know about creating engaging, professional presentations that get the job done."
--Joan T. Sherwood, Professional Photographer Magazine