Bernard Girard

French citizen Bernard Girard is the author of several books on management, and he has consulted for some of Europe and America's best-known firms. He lectures around the world on Google's methods of management and ways that those methods can be applied to businesses of all kinds.

The Google Way The Google Way (No Starch)
by Bernard Girard
April 2009
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.95

"If you are interested in a Google, or have followed their success with glee, as I have, then you will love The Google Way because it give an intimate insite into the inner workings of the Google Campus."

"Many of Google's successful innovations are far removed from the 'best practices' of usual business approaches, making this a powerful guide for all kinds of business users and libraries catering to them."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch: The Business Shelf

"Many Google books simply provide the information available in the public domain, however Girard adds to this exclusive primary research and analysis - providing an opinion on Google strategies, how they contribute to its success and how other companies can, or have, adapted these philosophies to their own advantage."
--Wendy M. Grossman, The Register

"The Google Way is one of the best books I've read on the subject, and probably won't be bested until the co-founders write one themselves, detailing their algorithms."
--Loyd E. Eskildson, Basil & Spice

"WOW! This is not a simple fan boy fantasy of being taken in by the altruistic company mission statement of 'Do no Evil!' "
--James Brown, The Chi of Jaba B

"...recommended as a must read not only because of its management and technological utility but also to get a sense of the direction that our immediate future will take."
--Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"Girard's tone is very balanced and objective. He does not see Google has having figured out a way to be successful (and profitable) under all circumstances. He leavens his considerable enthusiasm and admiration for the Google Way with a healthy dose of caution. "

"The Google Way is a well thought-out, well-executed book that combines knowledge of the business world with extensive research to describe the rise of a corporate giant...I highly recommend this book."
--T. Michael Testi,

"If you find the "entity" of Google a fascinating topic and want to look "under the covers", I think you'll enjoy what Girard has created. "
--James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees

"This book is a bridge to understanding processes going on in the Internet industry. It will help improve your own company or evaluate other Internet companies."
--Alexey Smirnov, Alexey's Technical Blog

"Techies will appreciate seeing where it all began, and may find that the various footnotes and references make for an excellent list of suggested additional reading. Those of us with more of an interest in the human side can pick enough from the pages to become inspired in our own business."
--Linsey Knerl, Wise Bread

"It's recommended summer reading."
--Zoltan Hunt,

"I found this an interesting book about a very interesting phenomenon, and I can recommend it. "
--Roger Whittaker, UKUUG

"As Girard points out repeatedly, Google's primary revenue generator is ad sales -- and ad sales are automated at Google. That's a lot of faith to place in the machinery, and many readers will find the chapters on making that process user-centric to be the most absorbing in the book."
--Angela Gunn, Betanews

"Even though it’s impossible to expect that you can create a company like Google simply by reading [The Google Way], the book definitely is interesting."
--Garrett Rogers, ZDNet

"...a well-researched, easily readable, history-and-opinion book."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, May 2009 Issue

"Bernard Girard's The Google Way was a terrific read, it was quite fascinating to get into the core of how Google does business. "
--Berislav Kucan, Help Net Security

"When I say this books covers all things Google, I mean it! Bernard takes you through the hiring and employment of Google employees, adsense and advertising. The search site, and all the other applications and acquisitions. No stone is left unturn. It would be a challenge in it’s own to right a more in depth book about Google and the people who ran the."
--Adam Barrett,