Rich Tretola

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Rich Tretola currently holds the position of Applications Development Manager at Herff Jones Inc. He is an award-winning Flex developer and was the lead author of Professional Flex 2 (2007 ISBN: 0470102675) and sole author of Beginning AIR (2008 ISBN: 0470229047). He is also a contributing author on Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook (2008 ISBN: 0596522509)

Rich has been building Internet applications for over 10 years and has worked with Flex since the original Royale beta version of Flex in 2003. Other than Flex, Rich builds applications using ColdFusion, Flash, and Java. Rich is highly regarded within the Flex community as an expert in RIA and is also an Adobe Community Expert. He runs a popular Flex and AIR blog at, is the community manager of and was also a speaker at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference in Chicago. He has been asked to be a speaker at the Adobe MAX conference for three consecutive years.

For a non technical escape, Rich is also a co-owner of a chocolate bar manufacturing company located on Maui named WowWee Maui.