Eduard Martini

Eduard Martini has worked in IT since he was 13. When he was 16 years old, he started to implement local networks on Windows 3.11. He was passionate about computer hardware and worked on network design and implementation for several years. Then he moved to programming, first starting with DB programming. He worked as a DB analyst for several commerical companies (like Philip Morris and Kraft), then he founded his own consulting company in 2002. Then he moved his intrest over to web programming and started creating PHP websites. He has created many websites for different companies, specially ecommerce sites. In 2006 he dropped PHP for good and started working on Rails full time. At present, he is a member of a team that is creating Also, he is working with Flex and OpenLaszlo. In his free time he contributes to the RoR community and is involved in some open source projects, and he sometimes plays World of Warcraft.