Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan


Mike Sullivan has over 6 years of experience teaching at the university level, and he has spent the last 8 years working with software teams in small companies and large corporations to drive valuable solutions and improve team dynamics. He is currently working in a small research team within a large corporation, implementing Lean techniques to improve the software his team delivers. Mike's interests include golf, Cardinals baseball and teaching.



“It is the very best summary of current Software Engineering that can be read in a few hours. ”
— Ira Laefsky, Amazon.com
“If you are a manager who is considering moving to a more focused software development model and is wondering if "lean" is for you and your company, it wouldn't hurt to have your first introduction to Lean software development be The Art of Lean Software Development: A Practical and Incremental Approach.”
— James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees
“This to-the-point, practical book on applying lean principles to software development is a excellent addition to the research of the known authors in understanding and implementing lean software engineering. This book will give you insight into the lean software practices that will enhance any software process.”
— Ted Davis, Software Engineering Functional Manager, The Boeing Company
“This book presents Lean practices in a clear and concise manner so the reader is motivated to make their software more reliable and less costly to maintain. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy to follow guide to transform how the developer views the process of writing good software.”
— Bryan Wells, Boeing I&SS Mission System