Bill Westerman

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Bill Westerman


Early in his teenage years, Bill built a text-to-speech device to help a stroke victim regain the ability to communicate with family and friends. From that moment forward, he has nurtured a particular interest in how people interact with digital things, and how technology can improve everyday life.

As co-founder at Create with Context, Bill is helping invent the next generation of strategic design firms, creating a unique blend of primary research, idea generation, concept development, and early-stage design that draws a clear line from customer needs through to digital product design. His recent clients include Accenture, Adobe, Panasonic, and Yahoo, as well as a variety of early-stage startups.

Previously, Bill served as a Director of Strategy at eBay, helping chart a course for eBay Mobile in the US, Europe, and Asia. Prior to that, he was co-director at a Silicon Valley technology think tank for Accenture, helping define and publicize business applications for emerging technologies such as mobile and pen computing, RFID, and wireless sensor networks. Bill has also worked as a Director of Integrated Strategy for Sapient as well as an executive in enterprise technology at Accenture.