Edward Ocampo-Gooding

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After finding a summer job working at a genomic research centre where he helped fight cancer with Ruby, and taught it during lunch presentations to audiences of researchers, Edward Ocampo-Gooding realized that teaching was the most fun part.

Knowing that getting to know some of his favourite industry leaders was integral to his teaching/programming future, as Director of Presentations for CUSEC, he invited them as speakers.

While graduating, he eked out an apprenticeship where he learned the ropes of self-employed programming, where he experienced working in a TechCrunch-lauded startup, a gig at the LA Times, and more importantly, other startups where he found friends of the highest calibre with whom he continues to work with today.

Edward lives in Ottawa where he dreams about user experience design, typography, and fixies. He skates to work at Shopify.