Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown


Sunni Brown, M.P.A., is Owner of BrightSpot Info Design, a company specializing in visual thinking to support organizational and group success. Sunni was trained in graphic facilitation at The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based company that pioneered the use of visuals in meetings and group processes. She is currently an Associate of The Grove, a freelance consultant for XPlane - the visual thinking company - and an Associate of Alphachimp Studios. She is also co-Founder of VizThink Austin, currently the largest visual thinking community in the United States. Sunni presents regularly on the topics of graphic facilitation, graphic recording and visual thinking. She is also a contributing researcher for Nancy Duarte's upcoming book on storytelling and presentations. Sunni holds Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Linguistics and a Master's in Public Affairs from the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs. She lives in Austin, TX.




“With this book in hand, game storming is a must-do activity for any group that wishes to come up with innovative solutions for any type of difficult business problem.”
— Jude Umeh
“If you’re a facilitator, corporate trainer, a team leader or in a creative role within a company, I’d say that this book will be valuable to you and that’s it’s worth checking out.”
— Mark Dykeman, Broadcasting Brain
“I would highly recommend the book to anyone whose role involves understanding complex processes and systems, building consensus among team members, generating creative ideas to solve an existing problem, designing a new product or concept and root cause analysis.”
— Gargi, Heartcrossings
“As my introduction into the world of gamestorming (an obvious play on the word brainstorming), the book lead me around quite well and I will be using a lot of these techniques in my immediate work environment.”
— Shanti Mangala, Desicritics
“ amazing book...that I think could be one of Those Books :) The Ones Everyone Has To Have. ”
— Kathy Sierra
“At Zappos, one of our core values is to 'Be Creative, Adventurous, and Open-Minded.' Gamestorming is a great how-to manual for achieving that.”
— Tony Hsieh
“This smart, fun, hands-on book will energize your brain and mobilize your creativity--and do it using stuff you already have in your supply closet!”
— Daniel H. Pink