Carol Fabbri

Carol Fabbri

Retirement planning and investment advisor, speaker, and author

Conifer, Colorado

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Carol Fabbri helps people achieve their financial goals by writing, speaking & presenting on the topic to her clients and audiences. She uses a decade in management consulting and the finance education she gained at MIT to teach people how to shed emotional baggage so they make smart investment decisions. She is the managing partner of Fair Advisors (, an independent financial advisory firm, and the President of Fair Advisors Institute (, a nonprofit dedicated to improving financial literacy in the US. She is frequently quoted in national publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Smart Money. Carol's other passions are her husband and her son.

Areas of Expertise:

  • investing
  • retirement planning
  • nonprofit management
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing



“...this book is an easier and more enjoyable read than its cousins in similar guidebook series.”
— Megan Just, Sacramento Book Review
“This admirably clear, simple, sensible, honest, and astute guide explains everything you wish you'd learned earlier about how to mind your money. If you'd rather make yourself than Wall Street rich and secure, here's the sound advice you need.”
— Amory B. Lovins
Personal Investing: The Missing Manual is a compelling approach to guiding your financial life using your own values and goals. ”
— Lisa Hendrickson
“I have now read a few of the missing manual books and have been impressed with all of them thus far, and this one was no different...This book opened my eyes and helped me to gain a better understanding of what some of the things that our investment people were talking about in the past.”
— Dad of Divas, An Island Life