Krishna Sankar

Krishna Sankar is currently a Distinguished Engineer with Cisco Systems Inc, part of the CTO's Office, and working on various aspects of Cloud Computing. He been developing systems for the last 20+ years--from C/CPM to Cobol to Ada to Java to lately working on the cloud domain internally and externally. He is also the co-chair of the DMTF Cloud Incubator group. His interests include strategic Web 2.0 mechanics and mechanisms, highly scalable Web architectures and frameworks, social and knowledge graphs, collaborative social networks and intelligent inferences. Occasionally he writes about them at He also writes books--works include Cisco Wireless LAN Security and the latest one Enterprise Web 2.0 <http: />. His other passion is Lego Robotics and is fortunate enough to participate as technical judge in local and Lego world competitions.

Building a NoSQL Data Cloud Building a NoSQL Data Cloud
by Krishna Sankar
July 2010
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