Erik Olson

Erik Olson is a renegade linguist who makes a living developing software for Win32 platforms. Erik is currently the chief technical officer at Axiom Technologies, LC, a software outsourcing shop. Erik delivers developer training, system administration, and program/concept development for a number of large-scale horizontal and vertical applications. Working as a program developer since 1986, Erik has implemented a variety of systems ranging from point-of-sales systems to horizontal PIM products to real-time financial market applications. Although much of his work is done in C++, he has particular interests in Web development and scripting languages. Erik coauthored Learning Perl on Win32 Systems with Tom Christiansen and Randal Schwartz.

Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition
by Erik Olson, Brian Jepson, Dick Hardt, David Futato
August 1998

Learning Perl on Win32 Systems Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
by Randal L. Schwartz, Erik Olson, Tom Christiansen
August 1997
Print: $34.95