Pete Warden

Pete Warden

Areas of Expertise:

  • Visualization
  • Hadoop
  • Big Data
Pete Warden is the founder of the OpenHeatMap project, writer of the Data Source Handbook for O'Reilly, a regular contributor to ReadWriteWeb, and a consultant to the New York Times. With 14 years experience building large-scale data processing solutions, including five as a senior engineer at Apple, Pete has been on the frontlines of Big Data, using, writing about, and contributing code to tools like Redis, MongoDB and Hadoop. He believes these services radically change what's possible, and speaks to audiences around the country about how they can do amazing things with their own data.

TinyML TinyML
by Daniel Situnayake, Pete Warden
December 2019
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $42.99

Big Data Glossary Big Data Glossary
by Pete Warden
September 2011
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $16.99

Data Source Handbook Data Source Handbook
by Pete Warden
February 2011
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $14.99

An Introduction to MapReduce with Pete Warden An Introduction to MapReduce with Pete Warden
by Pete Warden
June 2011
Video: $69.99

Visualizing Shared, Distributed Data Visualizing Shared, Distributed Data
by Roman Stanek, Pete Warden
March 2011

Pete blogs at:

Webcast: How to Get Started with Deep Learning in Computer Vision
July 24, 2014
In this webcast Pete Warden will walk through some popular open-source tools from the academic world, and show you step-by-step how to process images with them.

"Data Source Handbook by Pete Warden is new, fresh, and covers many different interfaces that give you access to cool stuff...This book is very current, and if you get an electronic version that you can cut and paste from, you can, well, cut and paste from it and get up to speed even faster. And no Post-Its. You can interface with Google Books, various movie databases, and all sorts of other things. I highly recommend it."
--Greg Laden,